Crazy People

I love to tell stories about growing up in Savannah Georgia and vicinity as a gay kid and teenager. It’s not all gay perspective, but that IS a major part of it, at least after adolescence starts! 

These stories are made up… in my mind as I remember them. I’m not promising I’m not going to embellish a little and I’ve changed a couple of names somewhat, but I’ll always tell things the way I remember, even when it makes me… I mean my main character, look bad.

I hope I keep up with this blog. I’m going to post things other than stories. Cool or fun pictures, reviews, opinions, Trump hate…

Anyway, Here’s a list of character’s names you’ll hear many, many times. You can always look back on this as a guide if needed!

  • Barrett Davis – our protagonist
  • Jay Kaminsky – Real Dad 

Moms Side

  • Clarice Brinson Davis – Birth mom
  • William Barney Brinson “Bill” – grandfather
  • Faye Brinson – grandmother
  • Marilyn Brinson – step grandmother
  • Phyllis Brinson Davis – aunt and step mom (you read that correctly)
  • Marsha Brinson Gwynn – oldest aunt (she’ll hate that)
  • Barney Brinson – uncle
  • Carter Gwynn – Marcia’s husband and an evil bastard!
  • Meg Gwynn – Marcia and Carter’s adopted daughter 

Davis Side

  • George R Davis III – Adopted Dad – also a villain in our story
  • George R Davis IV “Rad” – half brother (and true Davis blood)
  • George R Davis, Jr “Big George” – grandfather
  • Gloria Davis – grandmother
  • Ivy Davis Kriminal – aunt
  • Mary Davis Williams – aunt
  • Steve Davis – uncle
  • Charles “Buddy” Kriminal – uncle
  • James Williams – uncle
  • Summer Kriminal –  cousin and childhood best friend
  • Earl Williams – cousin
  • Denise Williams – cousin

So check back often! leave feedback! Share!

Talk to you later

Barrett – March 2 2017

 NEXT UP – Oops by Moonlight

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