Oops by Moonlight

Clarice let herself into her house, making sure not to wake anyone up. She had told her boyfriend Jay her secret earlier and he did not take it well. They barely spoke on the ride back to her house but he did give her a kiss good night. Inside lived Clarice and her two sisters, Phyllis and Marsha, the only boy and the youngest Barney, and the parental units Bill and Faye. She could hear Phyllis’ loud snoring coming from her room and Marsha’s door was closed as usual, as was the parents door, most likely because they were both passed out inside. She would tell the parents the next day, but will maybe wait until after the hangover.

dec 20 146 (2)
Phyllis, Marsha, Faye and Barney

             The maternal grandfolks, Bill and Faye Brinson. Bill was a colonel in the Army and the family traveled. Phyllis was even born in Hamburg Germany. Marsha had already gotten pregnant, given birth and put the baby up for adoption by the time Clarice was with-genius. Marsha had gotten pregnant in Augusta Georgia while seeing a guy stationed at Fort Gordon, and that baby was put up for adoption.

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            It had been a beautiful night in Savannah, it was also the night of the first moon landing. Jay had taken Clarice to a lake where he used to fish. They had a nice picnic dinner, and a nice comfy blanket to lay on to look up at the moon. A little transistor radio played the audio as the first astronaut set his foot on the moon and then Barrett was conceived by the moonlight with men on it for the first time.

            Clarice finally told her parents. They reacted as she knew they would, yelling horribly and screaming. Well, her dad did. Faye however, much like many of the housewives of the day, was hopped up on the latest mom zapper on the market. She mostly stood by angrily as Bill did the yelling. Though they didn’t insist on putting the child up for adoption this time, it was decided that Clarice was going to go stay in a home for girls in Charleston South Carolina until she had the baby. But there was still one important thing that the family had to take care of before that could happen. 

The baby’s father, Jay and his family

NEXT UP – Born on The 4th Of May


baby barrett 2
Baby Barrett!

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