Welcome to my life! Its fun here!


First blog. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Write it all down. Some stories might be about my life growing up in Savannah Ga with weird parental units (You’ll see!)


Some stories will just be my thoughts on things… anything really. Useless knowledge of which I have much of!

Some of my friends will recognize some stories. Some stories will be a shock to everyone. I’m hoping this will help me to put “it” behind me, by putting “it” all out before me.

So please join me daily, weekly maybe even hourly sometimes. I hope you find my ramblings entertaining. Some will be sad and most will be poorly written.

Barrett 3/1/2017

NEXT UP Crazy People


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my life! Its fun here!

  1. Where’s the story? I ran across your Twitter page. Thought it was interesting, came here. Seemed to promise your life story, serialized. Good title, cool graphic, sounded interesting. I clicked. I see some disorganized blog posts circling around the idea of writing your story. What I saw was hemming and hawing. You evoked my interest but then made me mad.


    1. You are so right!! And your note is just the kick I needed .
      Please check back!!
      I’ve got some rough drafts going and I WANT To finish my story! 😀
      Thanks for taking the time to write!


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