Born on The 4th Of May

Clarice was preggers with a nineteen year old’s baby. It was really not all that surprising to the family after Marsha’s secret baby. Plus it was well known to the popular boys, the Brinson girls put out! Rumor had it that you had really made it if you did all three Brinson girls. Clarice kept it a secret until she couldn’t hide the belly and the throwing up in the morning.



The father of the baby, Jay was Jewish and also quite well known and popular. She had liked him because he was very handsome, and also a sweet guy. Bill, being the bigot he was, didn’t like Jay, most likely because he was Jewish. Clarice didn’t mind and it was never an issue until George… but that’s for later.

Well it was decided that Clarice was going to a home for girls in Charleston South Carolina to give birth. Bill got together with Jay’s father, who was a very wealthy car dealership owner in Savannah. So for some reason it was decided that Bill would be getting a nice payday to keep it a secret that the Kaminsky boy got a nice Lutheran girl knocked up. Jay would also agree to have no contact with the child. Of course no one bothered to ask the baby if he was okay about all this. If they had I assure you, dear reader, he would have not let Jay get away this easy.
Clarice didn’t know how much change her dad made off this agreement, she just knew that even though she didn’t get any, she wasn’t in as much trouble as she thought. At the home she went to she made some nice friends. One girl she met, Wanda, was also there to give birth in secret. She had a little girl named Kay not long after Clarice gave birth.
Wanda and Kay would be close allies to Clarice and Barrett a few years later. Wanda would also become Clarice’s best friend and pot dealer.
1970 Barrett Birth 1
Barrett Wilgate? Wilgate? This birth certificate was ALL news to me! Notice that the father info is all blank.


The big day was a non-descript Monday in May. Unknown to anyone present, while Clarice was pushing and breathing and bringing a life into the world, some 700 miles away, four
students at Kent State in Ohio lost their lives. It’s very possible Barrett could be one of those poor souls reincarnated. Conceived during the moon landing, born during the Kent State shootings. Talk about being born under a bad sign! The baby finally popped out at 1:16 in the afternoon. Healthy as can be! Apparently Clarice really did give up smoking and drinking while with-genius.
It was soon that Barrett’s smiling baby face won over the entire family. Even crusty ole Bill and arrogant, sometimes cold Faye fell in love with the little guy. How could you not, look at that adorable face! Bill was military, Army Colonel actually, so they traveled a lot. Now Barrett would be joining them. First stop, Taiwan!
Barrett 3/13/2017


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