Ramblings of a Madman

I am going to continue with the story soon. I’ve decided to make a few changes – I’m going to continue the story in first person instead of second person point of view. I’m also going to change the name one more time. Blacksheep is really only part of it…I’ll have to think about that one.

I’ve also been writing stories that I wont publish until later – Stories about the first movie I was an extra in, “Glory”, and how I met Cary Elwes on the set, and unfortunately said something that pissed him off! He wrote a book about it…kind of, LOL!

That was in 1989, I’m only at 1970 now, so buckle up!

For fun – here’s a few pictures from when I worked at Disneyworld in 1999! The Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour Water Tank to  be exact!

Okay! Later folks!


NEXT UP – Sit Right Back and Hear A Tale…


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