Soundtrack Of My Life

I have a 99 track, 4 disc soundtrack CD for the eventual movie they make of Blacksheep…I wish!!!

Only 2 copies exist actually, but its a pretty cool playlist either way.

Music plays a huge part in my life.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie ended up being a musical!

Here is 1970 – to the start of 1980 Vol 1, if you will!


So download those and enjoy while you read!

The posts will be getting longer. I promise!  I’m getting to when I was actually alive, so I remember more.

Also check out my 2 birth Certificates: I just saw my original one recently. I had thought I was born in Savanah for the longest time! Part of the Kaminsky agreement with my granddad Bill was that Jay’s name would not be on the birth certificate. Shenanigans, I say!

1970 Barrett Birth 1
Original birth certificate . Father left blank.
1970 Barrett Birth 2
Davis version. City changed? WTF?

Be back soon!!!

Barrett 3/30/17

NEXT UP – Nana Avenue

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