Treasure Trove Of Pictures!

Hello reader (there is at least one of you) – I just found a huge envelope of old family pictures that I had thought was missing. I’m scanning them and will use them when the right story time arrives.

I also made a new logo for the site. I thought it would look bigger on my header. Heres the full size one. I used all the school pictures I have. I’m only missing 9th and 11th grade photos, but I’m not even sure one was taken those years.

black dark

Here are also a few new pictures from the times I’ve already written about, including a rare one of all the Brinson’s together!

And all the Brinson’s together. Probably the last time we all were.

1970 ALL BRINSONS 1970
From Top Left – William Barney “Bill” Brinson, Faye Brinson, Marsha Brinson, Clarice Brinson From Bottom Left – Barney Brinson, Phyllis Brinson, Barrett Brinson

and for even more fun, heres all my school pictures I used to make the new logo!

Come back, there’s lots more stories and they get racier!

1975 Kindergarden Ms Tink
Kindergarden Ms Tink
1976 First Ruth Pierce
1st Grade Mrs Pierce
1977 2nd Mrs Holly Lantz
2nd Grade Mrs Lantz
1978 3rd Patricia Mouchet
3rd Grade – Mrs Mouchette
1979 4th Janice Stevens
4th Grade Mrs Stevens
1980 5th Ann M Frech
5th Grade Mrs Frech – my favorite teacher ever!
1981 6th Mrs Ellen Crisp
6th Grade
1982 7th Julianne Rossiter
7th Grade
1983 8th Mrs Williams
8th Grade
1985 10th Grade 15yo Patricia Thompson
10th Grade
1987 88 Senior Year
Senior Year

See yall soon


April 17 2017

NEXT UP – Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

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