Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

With apologies to the fine people at Bob’s Burgers for stealing the title of their brilliant “Die Hard””Working Girl” mash up.


Proof of my hard note taking!


Point is – I’m working hard into the night writing about the house the rained snakes in the bathtub while simultaneously almost falling into the river (okay, it was a creek).

I’m taking notes and compiling my memories with the pictures I have. Here’s a sneak at some of the pictures coming up tomorrow!

1975 House Susan Dock
Barrett holding Susan. AND THE HOUSE IS OVER THE WATER!
1974 July Barrett Shark
Being brave with a shark George caught,
1975 Oct Barnet Barr Robin
Barrett and Uncle Barney and a ghost apparently, when he visited in 1975. Behind us are stairs going down to the dock.
1975 Robin
My first dog, Robin. George wouldn’t let me name him Bat-man, so Robin was my 2nd choice.
1974 Oct Romper Room 7
My first television appearance! Romper Room with Ms Kay! That is me holding the flag. Many more Romper Room pictures…

And before you go back to Facebook, please check out this amazing song by Circe Link w/ Christian Nesmith!

and check out these website for more of her and Christians music!

This is her newest cd cover


Be back tomorrow!!!

Barrett 4/26/2017

NEXT UP – A Spoonful of Whiskey Helps the Onion Go Down

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