I’m The Blacksheep Of The Family

Hello to my eight loyal readers! I know it’s been a while since I posted a new chapter in my life I call BLACKSHEEP. I think I should jump ahead and let you all in on something about my time with George. It’s the horrible thing I did that was the final straw for him… [...]


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performing "Can't Hold Us" with the footage I took around the 3:13 mark) in picture in picture. You cant miss me. Look for me holding the camera in the beginning. Sync of PIP is a few frames off. https://vimeo.com/221056858   And here by popular demand (not really) My show on the Backlot [...]

May the 4th Be With You!

Today is my birthday! Here's some fun pictures I've gotten over the years at Star Trek and other conventions!   Buffy and Angel when they were kittens!  One more!!! Goodnight! Ill catch you up on 1975 really soon! May the Fourth be with you all - send cash. Barrett NEXT UP - MACKLEMORE & RYAN [...]