Good Morning Britain – Day 3

AZTEC CAMERA – Good Morning Britain

Here are the last set of pictures from the trip to London and Paris. These are all London pictures. You can find the other sets here Pictures Of You – London Part 1 and here Kodachrome – Part 2 Paris


In London and Paris (as well as other countries, but not the USA) they have very strict anti-smoking rules including these lovely mandated cigarette packs! I want to collect all the different pictures if anyone want to send me empty packs!


ALSO: Those of you who read the story Blacksheep know about my relationship, or lack of, with the Davis side of my family.

I did have a wonderful reunion with a missed relative from the Davis side. It was so nice to have a wonderful dinner and talk. That’s all I can say, as you haven’t met this person in the story yet!

cec bw

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