Hello, Yellow Brick House


A trend started happening with George and Clarice. They were partiers. I’ve mentioned this before, but it needs repeating – Friday, Saturday and Sunday were George’s party days. It always involved friends of theirs. Whether it be Charlie and Lex (and hopefully their kids), John Hasty, Richard Sears, Lat, Curtis and Jane, Mama’s friend Wanda, her recent friend – Kathy Long, and even Georges brother Steve, there we always a few extra drunk people around.

Not that I minded! Quite the contrary. George was always in a good mood when the weekend party came. And apparently, he was quite generous when it came to picking up the alcohol tab. He had no problem whatsoever providing excellent weed for everyone too.

Barney had gone home to Orlando after his stay with us. Phyllis, who also attended George’s parties, moved in with us and was sharing my room with me – bed and all. I adored Phyllis, or Sissy, as I called her for a few more years. It was often cold in the house in the winter and she and I would take turns sleeping on the side of the bed closest to the heater. I also insisted we take turns with my favorite pillow that had a big, green turtle on it.

I also saw the Davis family more and more as time went on. Going over to grandmother and granddaddy’s house was always a fun trip that meant lots of spoiling and sweets. Granddaddy would always insist that whichever grandkids were there, spend the night. It was always fun to stay up late and pig out on junk food. Often, we would be there being babysat while George and mama went out to a movie or dinner or whatever – I had no problem with that. What I hated was KINDERCARE!

I trembled at the thought of being left there alone! I have memories of waiting by the fence on the outside of the KinderCare building just waiting and watching for Mamas car. I can’t remember having the feeling of abandonment as bad as being dumped at KinderCare. I was terrified there – I once thought I saw Mama by the back door and booked it over to her only to find it was a sitter there in a similar shirt. I didn’t go to the dreaded KinderCare many times after, but I was glad when those sessions stopped.

That house hanging over the water was getting too small for George’s licking. Actually, I think the owners wanted to move back in, but we had to move. I never did see Ken or Vickie Lee Kenuckle again except for a few awkward encounters at the Piggly Wiggly. None of the neighbors from that area make an appearance again.

Or do they?

No, they don’t.

Anyway, George found us a house rental not too far from our Penrose Drive abode. We would now be at our first house located on Oatland Island Road. It was a nice one story yellow brick house with blue accents. There was a huge fenced in backyard that had nothing but woods and marshland behind it. George also put in a swing set in the back yard. It had three bedrooms, a den and a converted garage that was wasted as a junk room for George. There were open porches on the front and back of the place with only a charcoal grill on the back porch. The house was set back from the road and had a large front yard with a few rather large trees. What I liked best was that it didnt have snakes in the ceiling and it wasn’t balancing perilously over water!

I said this was our first house on Oatland Island road. We don’t all make it to the second one.

oatland island
The yellow brick house on Oatland Island Road. It sure looks overgrown now.

Live Long and Prosper

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