Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John Before I move on, I want to catchup on some stuff and events I didn’t mention before. I’m trying to be as linear as possible, but sometimes I forget stuff or will remember something after I’ve written about that time period. I guess that’s the same thing as … Continue reading Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Savannah Serenade

I love Savannah. I lived there (mostly) from age 1 to 19. Here a few videos that show what Savannah has to offer! I really want to go back to visit, last time I was there was for a funeral and that was in 2000!   I'm sure you want … Continue reading Savannah Serenade

Hello, Yellow Brick House

GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD - ELTON JOHN A trend started happening with George and Clarice. They were partiers. I’ve mentioned this before, but it needs repeating - Friday, Saturday and Sunday were George’s party days. It always involved friends of theirs. Whether it be Charlie and Lex (and hopefully their kids), John Hasty, Richard Sears, … Continue reading Hello, Yellow Brick House

Good Morning Britain – Day 3

AZTEC CAMERA - Good Morning Britain Here are the last set of pictures from the trip to London and Paris. These are all London pictures. You can find the other sets here Pictures Of You – London Part 1 and here Kodachrome – Part 2 Paris Enjoy! In London and Paris (as well as other countries, but … Continue reading Good Morning Britain – Day 3

Rick & Morty Art Show Pictures

RICK & MORTY Theme Song Remix I think they are doing this until July 31, Check out their Facebook page Alley Gallery Pomona Check out my pictures from Saturdays show!   London Pictures part 3, last set, will be posted later today! Sunday! © 2017 Barrett Dylan Davis and Blacksheep. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material … Continue reading Rick & Morty Art Show Pictures