Savannah Serenade

I love Savannah. I lived there (mostly) from age 1 to 19. Here a few videos that show what Savannah has to offer! I really want to go back to visit, last time I was there was for a funeral and that was in 2000!   I'm sure you want [...]

Europe 2017

Ill be in London next week, and Paris for one of those days! Ill also be having a reunion with someone on the Davis side of my family, and I'm really excited about that! Here are some pictures from our trip to London and Paris, that were taken 15 years ago! Its 2AM so I'm [...]


The official iHeart footage with my personal iPhone footage around 3:10 picture in picture. I don't own the rights but I'm sure they wont mind. I did help Ben with his stage dive! Check out the video to see! NEXT UP - Living On The Edge

I’m The Blacksheep Of The Family

Hello to my eight loyal readers! I know it’s been a while since I posted a new chapter in my life I call BLACKSHEEP. I think I should jump ahead and let you all in on something about my time with George. It’s the horrible thing I did that was the final straw for him… [...]


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performing "Can't Hold Us" with the footage I took around the 3:13 mark) in picture in picture. You cant miss me. Look for me holding the camera in the beginning. Sync of PIP is a few frames off.   And here by popular demand (not really) My show on the Backlot [...]

May the 4th Be With You!

Today is my birthday! Here's some fun pictures I've gotten over the years at Star Trek and other conventions!   Buffy and Angel when they were kittens!  One more!!! Goodnight! Ill catch you up on 1975 really soon! May the Fourth be with you all - send cash. Barrett NEXT UP - MACKLEMORE & RYAN [...]

Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

With apologies to the fine people at Bob's Burgers for stealing the title of their brilliant "Die Hard""Working Girl" mash up.   Point is - I'm working hard into the night writing about the house the rained snakes in the bathtub while simultaneously almost falling into the river (okay, it was a creek). I'm taking notes [...]

When I Almost Ate A Monkee! 

Back from before I lost my weight from walking, I met Micky Dolenz at my worse 😳 AND half of The Brady Bunch! But I started literally walking my ass off! A before and after 😊 okay! Enjoy! Share! Whatever! NEXT UP - Treasure Trove Of Pictures! © 2017 Barrett Dylan Davis and Blacksheep. Unauthorized use and/or [...]

Soundtrack Of My Life

I have a 99 track, 4 disc soundtrack CD for the eventual movie they make of Blacksheep...I wish!!! Only 2 copies exist actually, but its a pretty cool playlist either way. Music plays a huge part in my life.  I wouldn't be surprised if the movie ended up being a musical! Here is 1970 - to [...]