Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John Before I move on, I want to catchup on some stuff and events I didn’t mention before. I’m trying to be as linear as possible, but sometimes I forget stuff or will remember something after I’ve written about that time period. I guess that’s the same thing as … Continue reading Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Hello, Yellow Brick House

GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD - ELTON JOHN A trend started happening with George and Clarice. They were partiers. I’ve mentioned this before, but it needs repeating - Friday, Saturday and Sunday were George’s party days. It always involved friends of theirs. Whether it be Charlie and Lex (and hopefully their kids), John Hasty, Richard Sears, … Continue reading Hello, Yellow Brick House

Living On The Edge

I finally got kind of used to literally living over the edge of a river, but anytime there was a thunderstorm, I just knew the place would fall in the river! George had a boat and we’d go on rides often. I always wore my life preserver, and I got to drive sometimes. I got … Continue reading Living On The Edge

I’m The Blacksheep Of The Family

Hello to my eight loyal readers! I know it’s been a while since I posted a new chapter in my life I call BLACKSHEEP. I think I should jump ahead and let you all in on something about my time with George. It’s the horrible thing I did that was the final straw for him… … Continue reading I’m The Blacksheep Of The Family

A Spoonful of Whiskey Helps the Onion Go Down

Savannah Club Apartments to a wee one like myself, seemed like where id be living forever. I had my neighbors to visit, ice cream trucks to chase and lawns to poop on! Mama and Wanda were closer than ever, George was still nice to me and there was Grandma and Granddaddy! We would visit Big … Continue reading A Spoonful of Whiskey Helps the Onion Go Down

Our House

Granddaddy Bill was my hero at the time. When he was around, I felt safe and at home as much as a 2-year-old could. Every afternoon meant more candy from granddaddy! The green and red peppermints and also wrapped sour balls. Seeing a bowl of sour balls brings back memories to this day. In the … Continue reading Our House

Sit Right Back and Hear A Tale…

   The happy Brinson family - Barney, Phyllis, Clarice, Marsha, Faye, Bill and of course little Barrett were traveling the world! Of course, I remember nothing of this except what I was told. Apparently, we were in Maryland for a while. Yawn! Actually, the most interesting story comes from our time in Taiwan. Apparently while … Continue reading Sit Right Back and Hear A Tale…

Born on The 4th Of May

Clarice was preggers with a nineteen year old's baby. It was really not all that surprising to the family after Marsha's secret baby. Plus it was well known to the popular boys, the Brinson girls put out! Rumor had it that you had really made it if you did all three Brinson girls. Clarice kept it a secret until … Continue reading Born on The 4th Of May

Crazy People

I love to tell stories about growing up in Savannah Georgia and vicinity as a gay kid and teenager. It’s not all gay perspective, but that IS a major part of it, at least after adolescence starts!  These stories are made up… in my mind as I remember them. I’m not promising I’m not going to … Continue reading Crazy People

Welcome to my life! Its fun here!

  First blog. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Write it all down. Some stories might be about my life growing up in Savannah Ga with weird parental units (You’ll see!)   Some stories will just be my thoughts on things… anything really. Useless knowledge of which I have much of! Some of … Continue reading Welcome to my life! Its fun here!