Hello, Yellow Brick House

GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD - ELTON JOHN A trend started happening with George and Clarice. They were partiers. I’ve mentioned this before, but it needs repeating - Friday, Saturday and Sunday were George’s party days. It always involved friends of theirs. Whether it be Charlie and Lex (and hopefully their kids), John Hasty, Richard Sears, … Continue reading Hello, Yellow Brick House

Our House

Granddaddy Bill was my hero at the time. When he was around, I felt safe and at home as much as a 2-year-old could. Every afternoon meant more candy from granddaddy! The green and red peppermints and also wrapped sour balls. Seeing a bowl of sour balls brings back memories to this day. In the … Continue reading Our House

Nana Avenue

April 6, 2017 I remember living at the house in Orlando. The house was on Nana avenue. Id later return to visit and create some very nice memories, but not until a few years later. Everything was fine here for a while. I remember mostly being in the kitchen – flashes of bottles being filled, … Continue reading Nana Avenue

Sit Right Back and Hear A Tale…

   The happy Brinson family - Barney, Phyllis, Clarice, Marsha, Faye, Bill and of course little Barrett were traveling the world! Of course, I remember nothing of this except what I was told. Apparently, we were in Maryland for a while. Yawn! Actually, the most interesting story comes from our time in Taiwan. Apparently while … Continue reading Sit Right Back and Hear A Tale…

Born on The 4th Of May

Clarice was preggers with a nineteen year old's baby. It was really not all that surprising to the family after Marsha's secret baby. Plus it was well known to the popular boys, the Brinson girls put out! Rumor had it that you had really made it if you did all three Brinson girls. Clarice kept it a secret until … Continue reading Born on The 4th Of May

Oops by Moonlight

Clarice let herself into her house, making sure not to wake anyone up. She had told her boyfriend Jay her secret earlier and he did not take it well. They barely spoke on the ride back to her house but he did give her a kiss good night. Inside lived Clarice and her two sisters, Phyllis and … Continue reading Oops by Moonlight